This blog aims to record the progress of our refurbishment of a traditional stone farmhouse in Baldersdale. We hope our story will be of interest to people that may be considering a similar project,  just have an interest in living more sustainably, or renovating historic buildings.

It is not intended to be a technical guide, but more of a light hearted journal of the challenges, decisions and milestones in the creation of our new home.

If you would like more detail on a particular post, feel free to get in touch with us via our main website

Weekly updates are intended, however as we are doing much of the work ourselves new posts intervals may vary, so please bear with us.

About Us

Suzy and I both trained as Architects and previously lived and worked around Nottingham. We share a love of old buildings, and enjoy getting our hands dirty as much as the design stage. We refurbished our first home in Newark, which was a red brick Georgian terrace house, located in a Conservation Area.  Seeking more space and a new challenge, our next project was converting a Grade II Listed former Baptist Chapel into a unique home.

After many years of ever increasing traffic, commuting to and from stressful jobs in a large city, we decided a change of lifestyle was needed for the sake of our blood pressure and started planning for the “final” project.

Although I’m originally from Nottingham, my wife’s family live in Fife, so we concentrated our property search approximately mid. point between the two areas.

We were drawn to quieter rural locations, with open views of natural landscapes and a strong local vernacular.

Aims & Objectives

  • Work fewer hours and spend more time together
  • Reduce stress and exercise more
  • Find a location with more trees visible than houses
  • Quiet rural location with as little traffic as possible
  • Easy access to the A1 motorway
  • A plot large enough to grow fruit/vegetables and keep livestock
  • Refurbish a traditional older property to current standards
  • Live in a more (environmentally and financially) sustainable manner
  • Easy access to walking and cycling routes
  • Get a dog (or two) !

Thank you for viewing our blog

Paul & Suzy Hunt