Testimonials 3

/..cont from page 2 – Robin Lane

Paul dealt with all the planning issues with the Council, with the various utility requirements, produced comprehensive drawings that our builder said were the most error free he had ever had, handled the build tender and contract award process and visited several times to make sure all was on track.  If it wasn’t for Paul, we’d be living in a Bovis-box because we wouldn’t have known where to start.  As it is, we have a fantastically comfortable, economical, flexible house that we are proud to call “Home”.  The ultimate compliments come from our neighbours, all of whom were worried one of the more distinctive houses in the village would be lost, but who now unanimously agree the old house has been improved beyond all measure.   If we ever have another “Grand Design” moment inside of us, we know where our first port of call will be.  Happily and totally recommended.’